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5 Ways to Make your Blog Grow through SEO

In the world of blogging, competition is always around. Bloggers compete on who have the most number of views, likes, shares, and reviews on their blog posts or page. Every blogger’s goal is to be on the top rank on the search engine which would be easier if you have a Philippine SEO consultant on your side. There are thousands to millions of bloggers who still need to learn and understand how important SEO is to their goal. They know that without it, it is impossible for them to gain readers and earn their trust.


On the other end, although SEO is known to most bloggers, there are still bloggers out there who have a hard time making their blog be noticed by more people. And you may be one of those bloggers who are struggling to gain wider readership. Aside from this, making your blog presentable and attractive to the readers will give you a big impact in making your blog grow. Now, here are some reasons that contribute big time on your blog posts.
Write about what you love
Writing is not just giving information to your readers, you also pour what’s in your heart and that you want to convey to them. When you put your heart on your writing, readers will notice it through the way you write about the topic. The post has life and heart in it which makes the reader likes and loves what they read.
Writing about what you love than writing just because it was assigned to you makes a big difference. Readers also choose which topic they like the most and when they do, they just can’t stop talking or sharing to their families and friends what they learned and loved from your articles. It really gives a great impact when they know that your topic comes from your heart.
There is a caveat though. There are just times that there are a lot of topics you love to share, but not all are qualified to captures the reader’s attention. With that, you have to be reminded that you also have to choose topics that can let the readers stay and read your articles. Well, collect ideas that you love and select which is worth spending time writing about.
Write great headlines
Always remember that not all people who have the luxury of time to read your posts. You have to grab their attention immediately for them to read your articles. One way to capture the reader’s attention is through your headlines. Headline is the most critical part. You have to make sure that it is striking and catchy enough despite the minimal words that you put in your headline.
Yes, minimal is the term! And when we say minimal, you can only have six words in your headlines. But there are instances that six words are not enough to make a catchy headline. As per rule of thumb, you can have a maximum of 65 characters on your title before the headline is truncated by the search engine (Google, it is). And I’m sure you don’t want that to happen on your blog titles.
Another way to grab the reader’s attention is including numbers and negatives in your headlines. By adding it to your title, readers will be intrigued on what are these things that one shouldn’t or should do, for instance. With that, you will gain more curious readers and read your whole article.
 Write something new
One of the things that people hate is reading articles that are already cliché. Reading it over and over again makes them sick and tired, having to go through the same topic and content all the time. You totally don’t want to make your readers pissed and hate your work and your blog.
New things and topics are “in” in our world today. Why is that? Perhaps, readers would want to know new and fresh topics. They want to discover and learn things that they never heard before. And since most of them don’t have the time to discover these things themselves, they want to uncover and learn it from you.
Now, you have the duty to make informative yet inspirational blog for your readers. That is, if you are a totally dedicated blogger and who wants to have more and more people who read your blog posts which I bet you are.
Be an active blogger
Blogging doesn’t just end up with writing new and catchy topics. You also have to be an active blogger. You have to keep tabs on what topic your readers what to know and read. And that you can write about the suggestions they have. Well, it’s the least you can do to your readers.
Replying to their questions is also one way to be an active blogger. A simple ‘thank you’ to your readers who come out of their way to write reviews can make them feel that they are also an important factor that contributes to your blog’s success.
Remember that the more good reviews that you have, more and more people would like to read your articles. And the more shares and subscriptions you will get eventually. Having a positive reviews from your readers also plays a big impact to your blog to increase more viewership on your website if you have one.
Learn from other bloggers
It is not a guarantee that when you are a good blogger, you will always be a good blogger even without reading and learning something new from the other bloggers who are better than you. Always put in mind that, there are lots of bloggers who are better than you. Even though you already are a good blogger, you still have the need to learn something new from them.
When self-learning, there will be a lot of ideas that will come to your mind – great ideas that will surely capture your reader’s attention and appreciation. It will always be an advantage when you read other blog posts, it drives you to be more creative and discover things that you need to discover as a blogger.
Well, it will not hurt your pride reading other blogger’s posts. Mind you, reading articles is worth wasting your time.
See? Growing your blog is easy it only requires a few step. However, a crucial part of the process is learning through reading and from other bloggers. For instance, you can learn more on how to write and create great blog content . The bottom-line is, you should love what you are doing first and everything will fall into their right places.

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